Property for Sale in Benissa Costa

If you are fond of living peacefully in a town that is surrounded by the scenic views of nature, Benissa Costa may leave your marveling with its picturesque sights. Situated on the Northern Costa Blanca in Spain, Benissa is one of the smallest yet most attractive towns having four kilometers of coastline. Derived from the Arabic tribal name, Beni-Eyce or Beni-Hisa, the town Benissa was established by people from the Aragon, Pyrenees, and Catalonia after the Christian Reconquest by the groups of James II of Aragon.

Benissa Costa, also popular as villa holiday resort destination is home to a select and beautiful number of villas that tourists wish to rent for enjoying the spectacular sea views of the Mediterranean Sea. If you are also the one who is wishing to invest in a property for sale in Benissa Costa, you are at the right destination.

We, at Aldemar Homes, have the best properties in Benissa Costa that give you the great opportunities to experience the luxurious living along the coastal bay.

A team of professional real-estate agents in Benissa Costa assures you to offer expertise and reliability in selling or purchasing of the properties in Spain, always beneficial to stay in touch with the experts so as to avoid any kind of mistake.

Why should you buy property in Benissa Costa?

  1. Since Benissa Costa is a beautiful seaside Mediterranean location it brings with tourists all over the year, investing in a property in Benissa may offer you a number of benefits.
  2. The pleasant sunny climate, relaxed environment, and living by the seaside fascinates many people to live in this splendid town.
  3. One of the most important reasons that people wish to invest in the property is the low cost of living.
  4. Tourists who come to Benissa Costa wish to stay in seaside villas or apartments rather than staying in the hotels to experience the scenic beauty of the sea beaches.

Why choose Aldemar Homes for buying or selling of properties in Benissa Costa?

  1. Having a great experience in the real-estate industry, we can provide you with a large number of properties in Benissa Costa.
  2. Our team of real-estate agents is expert in handling all the paperwork so efficiently that you need not bother a lot about paperwork or other things.
  3. We invite our customers to come and explore our properties for sale in Benissa Costa online as well as offline by visiting our office physically.
  4. We provide you with a lot of payment options that makes it easier for you to invest in the property.
Whether you want to buy or sell the property in Benissa Costa, we have the team of highly experienced estate agents who assist you through every step of property dealing process. If you are interested in the properties for sale in Benissa Costa, let us serve you. Feel free to contact our professionals anytime you want.

Properties for Sale in Benissa Costa

€ 749,000
Construct Surface 1000m2 Bedroom 12 Bathroom 3 Plot Size 500m2
€ 2,375,000
Construct Surface 418m2 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 4 Plot Size 1050m2 Swimming Pool 1
€ 465,000
Construct Surface 190m2 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 2 Plot Size 1450m2 Swimming Pool 1
€ 749,000
€ 429,500
Construct Surface 251m2 Bedroom 5 Bathroom 3 Plot Size 1025m2 Swimming Pool 1
€ 395,000
Construct Surface 250m2 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 4 Plot Size 1600m2 Swimming Pool 1
€ 325,000
€ 407,000
Construct Surface 180m2 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 4 Plot Size 1000m2 Swimming Pool 1
€ 325,000
Construct Surface 400m2 Bedroom 5 Bathroom 5 Plot Size 11360m2 Swimming Pool 1
€ 429,500
Construct Surface 251m2 Bedroom 5 Bathroom 3 Plot Size 1025m2 Swimming Pool 1
€ 749,000
€ 299,000
Construct Surface 160m2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 2 Plot Size 860m2 Swimming Pool 1
€ 325,000
€ 1,100,000
Construct Surface 300m2 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 2 Plot Size 4500m2 Swimming Pool 1
€ 319,000
€ 132,000
€ 310,000
€ 195,000
Construct Surface 136m2 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2 Plot Size 509m2
€ 495,000
Construct Surface 223m2 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 3 Plot Size 1890m2 Swimming Pool 1
€ 570,000
Construct Surface 220m2 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 3 Plot Size 13444m2 Swimming Pool 1
€ 340,000
€ 375,000
€ 260,000
€ 1,500,000
Construct Surface 250m2 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 3 Plot Size 1500m2 Swimming Pool 1