Choose from one of the Top 10 Sea View Villas for Sale in Moraira

Moraira Costa Blanca is a town located in the Valencia region of Spain. It is a popular, tourist, coastal town that is approximately 85Kms away from Alicante. The place is a good retreat for people in the region and in any place else to visit, especially in the summers. This is because of how pleasant the climate gets when summers come, owing to the geographical location of the place. Surrounded by mountains and hilly ranges, there’s no chance of the heat wave affecting any of the settlers and population in the region. As such, anyone can purchase Villas in Moraira, some of the best the place has to offer.

Here are some of the Top 10 Sea View Villas for Sale in Moraira:

1. Located in the southern part of Moraira, the villa has the perfect orientation of South – west. This makes it optimal for great viewing angles towards the town, from the porches and the terrace.

2. For those looking to have a view over the valleys of Moraira, this one out of the Villas for Sale in Moraira has something in store for them. People living here can enjoy a view of the Rocks of Ifach and Mediterranean Sea.

3. For people looking to stick near the Sport Harbor in Les Bassetes, this place is a sure winner. They can live both in the village while located so close to the Sea line in a Villa like this.

4. If a more private touch is what people need when looking for the perfect place out of all the properties in Moraira Costa Blanca, then this could be something worth considering. It is a place representing classic beauty, situated near the village.

5. For those who wish to have something that looks completely exquisite, and can’t settle for anything but the best, this one takes the cake. With a wide variety of view everywhere, this is one piece of property certainly worth considering.

6. Built using traditional, local wares and materials, this is an old-school piece of property meant to invoke nostalgia. People looking for villas for sale in Moraira must keep a lookout for this beautiful, farmhouse-inspired Villa.

7. This is a piece of a high-quality luxury property that is located in Moraira. Specifically, in the residential area of San Jaime. This place is picturesque, with views of the Penon de Ifach, the Mediterranean Sea and the Cap d’Or.

8. For those looking for a more modern, contemporary Villa, they can opt to go for this out of the other villas for sale in Moraira. It has a really nice touch about it with the view of the blue Mediterranean Sea right in front of it.

9. A place worthy of becoming the envy of one’s friends and colleagues, this Villa is a splendid location out of all the others in Moraira. It is both elegant but fun, the perfect harmony for the perfect place.

10. If panoramic views excites anyone, this Villa is seriously a worthy contender out of all the properties and real estate currently available in Moraira Costa Blanca.

These are some of the top 10 villas for Sale in Moraira that any person in the country, region or abroad can look at and hope to buy. They will be a great addition to anyone’s assets, as a home or just a holiday stay in the summers.

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