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People often ask, “Is Spain a big country?”. Spain occupies an area of 505,992 km² making it the fourth largest country in Europe. If you are interested in setting up a second home here, we would recommend the small town of Moraira. Of so many cities, why Moraira?

In the article below, we will be sharing with you, four solid and good reasons to live in Moraira, Spain.

Reason No. 1: The Perfect Climate

When we say perfect, we really mean it! In Moraira, basically you will be enjoying the sunlight almost all year round. Forget about your bulky winter coats but remember to keep your sun cream ready at all times because there are plenty of gorgeous beaches waiting for you in Moraira.

Reason No. 2: The Beaches

The main beach in Moraira is L’Ampolla, a golden sand beach. L’Ampolla beach is the largest and most popular beach. If you prefer somewhere quiet, you will love the El Portet beach, a small shell shaped inlet with clear water and sandy beach. This spot is perfect for a peaceful swim. You will also find plenty of jaw dropping villas on the cliffside. With only € 215,000, you can actually get yourself a beautiful villa near El Portet area. Imagine holding a glass of wine in the villa roof terrace and catching a glimpse of the sea off El Portet beach!

Four Good Reasons to Live in Moraira Spain

Reason No. 3: The Spanish People

Do you know that the Spanish are actually very kind and warm? Forget about the home sick, we are pretty sure that you will enjoy your life here with people who will make you feel like a family when you live in Moraira. Just try picking up the Spanish language and they will love you even more!

Reason No.4: The Food

If you visit Spain before, you will know that this country is a food paradise. Just mentioning the Tapas, Paella, Gazpacho, Cured Meats and etc will make anybody drooling. If you are a person who loves cooking at home, fret not. There are plenty of local market to buy your fresh food in Moraira. Perhaps, a beautiful luxury apartment in the centre of Moraira, walking distance to the beach, marina and all of the facilities will suits you the best.

Four Good Reasons to Live in Moraira Spain

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