Choose to Live in Spain is the BEST Choice I Have Made

Choose to Live in Spain is the BEST Choice I Have Made

How wonderful it will be; waking up every day to seeing the beautiful beaches, meeting a bunch of wonderful people in the street, having year-long warm and cosy weather and also low cost of living. This is the kind of life that everyone has been dreaming off.

Now, you do not have to keep on dreaming. Living in Spain can actually make your dream into reality. But, of so many countries in Europe, why Spain?
Weather in Spain


Many flock to Spain because of the weather. Do you know, Spain is actually one of the warmest countries in Europe. You can actually enjoy more than 3,000 hours of sunlight per year 1! Imagine the freedom and flexibility you will have for not having to wear layers over layers of clothing. Besides that, you also get to be outdoor almost every single day.


Spain is also famous of their beautiful, sandy beaches. Just to name a few; L’Ampolla Beach and El Portet in Moraira, La Granadella in Javea and Las Marinas in Denia. With the wonderful sandy beaches and slow-pace lifestyle, it does make a very good way of life because you know, people tends to be much more relaxed and happier.
Beaches in Spain
People in Spain


The Spanish people are typically very friendly and welcoming if you are willing to make an effort to learn and speak in their mother language. They certainly know how to enjoy their life as well. Just look at the amount of fiestas and holidays they have in a year such as The Holy Week (Semana Santa) which takes place during Easter, Saint John’s Eve, La Tomatina, Wine Battle of Haro and many more.

Cost of Living

With the arising living cost around the world, the low cost of living in Spain is certainly a huge plus. You can always get cheap and fresh locally grown fruit & vegetables from the local markets or local fruits/vegetables shops which can be easily located on almost every corner. With the year-long warm weather, you can also consider setting up your garden and grow your own produce. If you love eating out, the prices were also very reasonable. For foodie, they will love Spain for sure! Each of its city is known for its own selection of delicacies and it is up to you to explore. Now, you have made up your mind to move to Spain, but do not know where to build your home sweet home? Fret not, Aldemar Homes is always here to give you a helping hand. Aldemar Homes is a real estate agents company based in Spain. They offer property, villas and apartments, homes and houses in four major cities which are Denia, Altea, Moraira and Javea. Just let them know your preferences and they will select the best for you. There are numerous of estate agents in these cities but Aldemar Homes is certainly one of the best as they have almost 8 years of experience dealing in this industry.

Cost of Living in Spain