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3 Main Considerations When Purchasing a Property for Investment

What is property investment? In layman term, it means purchasing a piece of real estate property with the intention of getting a return from it; either through rental or by resale of the said property. Property investment requires a huge upfront payment. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a right property in order to gain maximum return. Many investors are also on the lookout for potential overseas investment. In this case, we would like to recommend Spain to all the potential investors out there!

Out of so many countries, you must be wondering, Why Spain?


3 Main Considerations When Purchasing a Property for Investment
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The most important factor when it comes to property investment, is demand. You would not want to purchase a property with low or no demand and ended up stuck with it!

In Spain, there is a huge demand for its accommodation especially during the Summer as millions flocked to Spain due to its gorgeous beaches especially in the Costa Blanca area and also the year-long warm and cozy sunshine. You may consider getting a villa with sea view in Moraira and we believe you could easily get a good rental income as Moraira is one of the most sought beach holiday location in Spain. While enjoying the rental income, the value of your property will also appreciate over time and who knows you might be earning double when you resell the property!

2. The Ease of Purchasing

Who does not love a hassle-free process? In Spain, the government actually encourage investment by foreigners. A financial number is required when it comes to purchasing property in Spain. This financial number can be easily acquired by visiting any police station with your passport and it is typically done in a day for Spanish or EU citizens. It may take a longer period for other countries citizen.

Besides that, if you invest more than €500,000 in Spanish property, you will be eligible for a residency visa**. Please take note that this is not a work permit, but it will allow you to live in the country and it will be much easier for you to administer the property if you are purchasing the property for rental purpose. With €500,000, you can easily get a beautiful bungalow in Moraira that has beautiful mountain or seaview that are also close to the beach. If you enjoy being a landlord, you can actually purchase a few apartments to rent to young couples who are looking for a romantic yet budget getaway in Moraira.

**Remember to check on the government site for the up-to date information regarding the visa entitlement.

3. The Real Estate Agent

We know many people worried about the language barrier when purchasing a property in Spain as people here speak mainly Spanish. But, do not let it stop your intention to invest here! Leave your property hunting to us at Aldemar Homes - a real estate company based in Spain. We specialize in both buying & selling of property in Spain, from commercial property, villas and apartments, homes to houses in the four major and best cities which are Denia, Altea, Moraira, and Javea in Spain.

Therefore, you may place your trust on us in getting the best deals for you whether you are looking for a rental income or a resale opportunity. Call us today or you might miss out the opportunity to own the best property in Spain!