3 Facts on Why You Should Go for Spanish Property Now & Not Later

Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula, in the southwest corner of the Europe. When we talked about Spain, most of the time, the reply that we got from the crowd is,”Hey, it is one of my favourite European country!”. Besides being an all-time favourite, it is also an ideal country for retirement and also investment. If you are one of the many that have thought of getting a property in Spain, please do it NOW!

Why now and not later? As the old saying goes, sometimes ‘Later’ becomes ‘Never’.

In this article, we will be giving you 3 solid facts on why you should get a Spanish property.

Large Number of Tourists in Spain

When we say large number of tourists, we mean it! Do you know that, Spain is the world’s 2nd most visited country after France. You must be wondering what is the connection between number of tourists and Spanish property? Nowadays, most tourists especially in Spain prefer to rent apartments or villas via Airbnb instead of hotels.  This is a great news for all property owners in Spain. A good property location is crucial if you want a high rental yield. Moraira is one of the best cities in Spain. It is a beautiful town located in the province of Alicante (Costa Blanca), famous for its beaches and wonderful coastline. Many tourists fall in love with this little town and often make a return visit to this place.

Up to 300 Sunny Days a Year

If you are renting your property out as a holiday home, the major concern is the low season where there are lesser visitors in town due to unfavorable weather. In Moraira, you do not have to worry as we enjoy up to 300 sunny days a year here! Who does not love the sun when it comes to beach holiday!

Low Property Price

Simple rule for a property investment is to buy at low and sell at high. This is why you should purchase a Spanish property now as the pricing for the property is still relatively low. We believe that the property market in Spain will be rising anytime from now as it remains as one of the top pick European country for retirees and also holiday makers.

If you are one of those people who do not want to miss this good opportunity to own a property in Spain, then we, Aldemar Homes is the right agency to assist you in this matter. Aldemar Homes is one of the leading property agent in Spain. Whether it is a villa or an apartment in Moraira, we have the best listing for you.

Villa for Sale in Moraira

So peeps, time does not wait for people. Make your move immediately and grab the opportunity today!


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